Same Day Crowns With Cerec™️

Cerec™️ stands for Ceramic Reconstruction and is a highly- detailed, sophisticated way of designing and making metal-free dental restorations. This method is used worldwide to replace fillings and restore teeth that are decayed, weakened or broken. Unlike other materials such as amalgam or gold, ceramic is more biocompatible and boasts tooth-like physical and aesthetic qualities. The digital mapping technology of erec™️ charts the inside of the patient's mouth using an intra-oral camera. This method ensures that every last detail is completely accurate-say goodbye goopy molds and discomfort. erec™️ uses digital impressions from a series of scans. The restoration is designed on the computer, which generates a 3D model and is then manufactured on the milling station. Lastly, the restoration is created from a solid block of high-grade porcelain. What's great is that all of these steps can be carried out seamlessly in our comfortable office in just one day eliminating return visits and temporary crowns! In the end, the whole experience and finished result will make you smile!

guided implant surgery

To support a higher level of patient care, our practice utilizes the I-CAT 3D cone beam imaging for diagnosis and placement of dental implants. The 3D computer-generated scans provide an ORTHOPHOS SL advanced and detailed look at existing teeth, bone,
nerves, and tissue with three-dimensional and cross-sectional views, which provide critical diagnostic information that, is not available with conventional dental x-rays. These 3D images are then combined with intra-oral CEREC scans of the mouth and stitched together to generate a 3D U-model replica of the patient. This technology allows the doctors to evaluate the quality, width, shape, and density of the bone where the dental implants will be placed. It guides us in determining the proper treatment approach for each individual patient and allows us to determine the precise placement of implants, particularly in areas near critical anatomical structures, such as sinuses and nerves. Once the surgery is treatment planned and performed on the digital model, a custom surgical guide is fabricated using 3D printing. This surgical guide is then utilized during implant surgery to assure the most accurate and aesthetically pleasing surgical outcome.


Digital radiography is a form of x-ray imagining where digital sensors are used in place of traditional photographic film. There are many advantages to digital radiology. Digital sensors eliminate the processing time, harmful chemical solutions and higher doses of radiation exposure required of traditional x-rays. The images are produced digitally and can be viewed immediately on our computer monitors. The digital radiography can be further enhanced by altering contrast and brightness for a more accurate diagnosis. In addition to the above, digital radiology lowers the number of retakes thereby shortening the appointment time. In the end, it is win-win for all! Dental X-rays help dentists visualize diseases of the teeth and surrounding tissue that cannot be seen with a simple oral exam. In addition, X-rays help the dentist find and treat dental problems early in their development, which can potentially save you money, unnecessary discomfort, and maybe even your life!


This powerful camera technology brings the smallest details into brilliant full-screen high-resolution focus in all acquired intra-oral photographs. These images can then be displayed on our monitors for the patient to see first hand and enhance patient ability to participate in their treatment planning and dental care. By using this technology, we have learned that providing the patient with visual references to take home is very beneficial for patients in making decisions regarding their treatment options. We find that this technology opens the lines of communication and provides the highest level of patient education. In addition, photographs such as these aid in accurate record keeping for comparative analysis of patient year to year check-ups and a good reference to document pre and post-treatment results.

Please say "cheese" to our intra- oral camera.

Digital impressions with itero

The iTero scanner digitally captures the structure of the teeth and gums using the latest optical technology. The scanner is a compact, hand-held wand. Once your dentist begins the scanning process, it can be stopped and started as many times as necessary. The iTero® intraoral scanner can be recommended to be a suitable screening and educational tool for tooth wear in routine dental practice. The iTero scanner equips the dental team with the tools to take patient engagement to the next level.

it is not just about the teeth -  it is about your