Same Day Crowns With CEREC


CEREC stands for Ceramic Reconstruction and is a highly-detailed, sophisticated way of designing and making metal-free dental restorations. This method is used worldwide to replace fillings and restore teeth that are decayed, weakened or broken. Unlike other materials such as amalgam or gold, ceramic is more biocompatible and boasts tooth-like physical and aesthetic qualities.

The digital mapping technology of CEREC charts the inside of the patient’s mouth using an intra-oral camera. This method ensures that every last detail is completely accurate—say goodbye goopy molds and discomfort. CEREC uses digital impressions from a series of scans. The restoration is designed on the computer, which generates a 3D model and is then manufactured on the milling station. Lastly, the restoration is created from a solid block of high-grade porcelain.  What’s great is that all of these steps can be carried out seamlessly in our comfortable office in just one day eliminating return visits and temporary crowns! In the end, the whole experience and finished result will make you smile!

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