Perio Protect

July 21, 2017
Fluoride Treatments
July 21, 2017

The Perio Protect® Periodontal treatment ( is a comprehensive, non-invasive approach to the treatment of gum disease in which traditional dental cleanings are combined with Perio Protect® Trays. This treatment method provides an alternative to traditional gum surgeries and helps decrease the patient’s discomfort while combating gum disease. The Perio Protect® Periodontal Tray is a vacuum sealed tray able to deliver medication directly into the periodontal pockets that cannot be reached using traditional dental implements (i.e. toothbrushes, dental floss, or professional dental instruments.)

Since implementing the Perio Protect® Tray system in our office, we have seen a reduction in the need for gum surgery, even in patients with advanced gingivitis and periodontitis. Patients who are searching for a minimally invasive periodontal disease treatment can easily and effectively reduce and eliminate oral bacteria buildups. Check out this video to learn more about Perio Protect®

Or, ask us if Perio Protect® is right for you!

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